Setting the right scene for learning

Stimulating scenario-based learning that provides real emotional engagement for the learner is something we are really committed to at Unicorn Training.We have long applied these principles in our business simulations, and are now increasingly able to create context rich bespoke and off-the-shelf eLearning courses. Many of you are already appreciating the value of this approach.
At the start of this year we launched a new style ‘immersive learning’ course for Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS), who were introducing a new financial product to their network of over 500 dealerships and distributors across the UK. Staff in the network had to receive the training and pass an assessment before they would be authorised to sell the new product.The underlying principles of the course are learning by exploring by putting the user in a ‘real world’ situation where they must go and find the information they need.

Instead of starting with the all-too familiar learning objectives and menu screens, the user is placed immediately into a scenario familiar to them – on the showroom floor with customers waiting.

To progress through the course and answer customer questions they are able at any point to pop back to their office and discover the information they need. Signposting is minimal, as the course is designed to be intuitive, and also because learners prefer to explore and discover for themselves. On completing the case studies, the user completes a final assessment, consisting of exam quality MCQs, and with a required pass mark of 80 per cent.

Such was the immediate success and popularity of this course that we are now updating a number of our existing compliance packages along the same lines. Read more about that here.

So why are we so excited by this concept of context-based learning? And how much will you continue to see its presence grow in future courses?

Unicorn chairman Peter Phillips explains all to Unicorn Training TV…

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