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Blog HelpdeskAny service company, like us, is only as good as its support team. Yet while sales are done through relationships largely nurtured face-to-face, the upkeep of that trust and relationship is mainly in the hands of people you’ve never met at the end of the phone. Jason Woodward, Unicorn’s Helpdesk Manager, introduces his team.

Over the past couple of years, Unicorn has bolstered the helpdesk team as we’ve seen how important support is to our clients. During this time, the helpdesk role has evolved from previously more technical advice to more rounded guidance on getting the most out of the SkillsServe system.

With a large number of clients having been making the move to SkillsServe, this has understandably led to an increase in call volumes for the Unicorn support team, with questions ranging from basic ‘how tos’ to more technical queries from administrators looking at how to best leverage their new system or its functions. 


We’re always looking at more ways to open up channels of communication with clients, and it’s our ongoing goal to keep introducing and maintaining proactive measures of empowering clients to help themselves by making information available for them to find without always needing to reach out to us first. Following customer feedback, over the past 12 months we launched our online Customer Helpdesk Forum at

A peer-to-peer forum, where administrators help other administrators, it offers a knowledge base and throws up possible FAQ articles when a question is posted, while you can log feedback and queries, which are monitored by our Helpdesk. The forum is also searchable and if a client still needs help, their query gets flagged automatically with our Support Team.


TOP TIP: attach screenshots to your query as it helps us get to root of your query quicker!

To keep you posted on the latest SkillsServe service updates and new features, you can register to receive regular updates posted on the SkillsServe blog at

Keep telling us how we’re doing – The feedback we get from you about how we’ve dealt with your query can only help us improve our service across the board, whether that’s customer facing issues or ideas or suggestions to improve the system itself.

So instead of our team remaining faceless phone voices, we’ve made a short video to introduce ourselves and tell you why what we do is as important to us as it is to you. Check it out!

To speak to a member of the Helpdesk team, call 0844 800 3316. We’re on hand to help from 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours, you can log on to the Help Forum or email us at

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One response to “Meet your Helpdesk”

  1. peterphillips535 says :

    Great team. Here are a few examples of recent customer feedback.

    “Can I just say the helpdesk have been great, always really professional, patient when guiding you through what needs to be done, quick and always get to a solution, they are a great bunch so if there is a way to recognise them please do and pass on my thanks.”

    “The Helpdesk are “ever patient’, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with”.

    “I would very much welcome the opportunity of cementing my gratitude by meeting the Unicorn team and thanking them personally; would this be possible?”

    “We always find Unicorn absolutely excellent. Really, really responsive and so nice whenever we phone up with a query”.

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