UNICORN IN PRINT: The growing world of games and gamification

TCNews_January2015Unicorn were pleased to feature in January’s T-C News Magazine discussing the growing world of games and gamification.

Games and gamification are the fastest growth areas in T&C training as firms unlock how game qualities such as problem solving, in-play feedback, rewards, leaderboards and play can bring about a more engaging, memorable and enduring learning experience.

In the article, Peter Phillips, Unicorn Training CEO, looks at the gamification of compliance training.

He observes that a recent research report projected the global gamification market will grow from $421.3 million in 2013 to $5.502 billion in 2018 – a compound annual growth rate of 67.1% !

While the only certainty about forecasts is they will be wrong, that research reinforces the notion that serious games and gamification are definitely a rising force in L&D.

Gamification, in this context, is the use of game design principles in learning activities to engage learners to change behaviours and learn new skills.

But to what extent are they relevant to compliance training?

To download your free copy of the magazine and read the full article visit the T-C News website here


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