VIDEO BLOG: Laura Overton – 4 Things You Can Learn From Top Performing Businesses

In the second in our series of video blogs from Learning Technologies, Laura Overton, founder and Managing Director of Towards Maturity, lifts the lid on what top performing business get right with their L&D approach where so many others miss the target.

As Towards Maturity unveils its latest Embracing Change: Improving Performance of Business, Individuals and the L&D Teamreport, Laura provides her top tips on how 2016 is the year to “do something to make it happen” by following the lead of the best.

 “A lot of these top performing organisations don’t get captivated by the latest fad, they go back to business basics. It isn’t the technology that is making the difference, it is how people are thinking about the business needs and then using the right technology in the right place.”  

Want more? You don’t have to wait with further interviews from Learning Technologies at our Unicorn Training TV YouTube channel (click below).


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