VIDEO BLOG: ‘Getting Connected’ – Why You Should Bring Emotion Into Learning

They were amongst a number of big hitters who had crossed the pond for Learning Technologies 2016, and eminent speakers Cathy Moore and David Guralnick took time out to chat to us about connecting learners to learning, something that sounds obvious on paper but is much more challenging to do in practice. 

Cathy discusses giving learners “respect” and not bombarding them with information, rather giving them choice in their learning and throwing them in at the deep end.

“Give the learner a challenge, and within it links to optional information, so they can look at the information for extra help if they want, they can also plunge in and sink or swim if they want. I’d like to see that understanding of how adults work be transferred into learning and development so we realise we don’t have to carefully feed them every little bit of information.” 

David talks about using stories in online learning and how, although there’s been change in corporate training during his 25 years in the industry, there’s been much “read and take a test” stagnation, which is only changing now.

“We want things people care about and can apply on the job. We’re seeing JIT performance support take off; sometimes you don’t need a course, sometimes you just want to look something up or have an app that will help you make a decision right then but isn’t something you need to know.”

Want more? You don’t have to wait with further interviews from Learning Technologies at our Unicorn Training TV YouTube channel (click below).


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