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Unicorn LMS is #1 for Financial Services, and #3 globally!

After what can only be described as a fantastic Learning Technologies show this month, we’re also delighted to announce that Unicorn LMS has been ranked third in the world – and top overall for financial services for the third successive year. The news comes as Craig Weiss releases his latest Top 50 LMS Report for 2017.

Bronze LMS 2017 from Craig Weiss for Unicorn LMSThe much-anticipated annual report analyses more than 1,000 LMSs from across world and looks at each system’s niche assets to rank the best of the best.

It’s been a big 12 months for Unicorn LMS, which has not only undergone a name change from SkillsServe but has also again upped the ante, particularly in terms of usability and mobile integration, as acknowledged by Weiss in unveiling his report.

“The name is changing from SkillsServe and the product stayed the same. Wait, scratch that, it has gotten way better,” he said.

“A new UI/UX makes a huge difference for this very strong system for compliance / regulatory (regardless of your vertical). If you are in financial services mind you, this is a system you should be looking at.”

The report also singles out the newest addition to Unicorn LMS’ compatible app suite, Minds-I, for special attention, with Weiss describing it as “by far the coolest thing I’ve seen this year”.

Minds-i learning reinforcement app from Unicorn

Minds-i harnesses the power of informal learning by enabling firms to take the best of the web and expertly curate content on topics of their choice to encourage the learner to explore. Learning becomes self-directed, user driven and personal while its just-in-time micro-bite content makes learning relevant in a real world context.

Unicorn LMS, which is set to get its official re-launch this April, first featured in the Top 50 LMSs Report top five in 2015 and has moved up a place each year since while holding on to the best financial services LMS throughout that time too.

Peter Phillips, Unicorn CEO, said: We are honoured to have been ranked number one in the world for our sector for the third year in succession.

The improvement in our overall global ranking to a new high of #3 in 2017 reflects Unicorn’s commitment to continued investment in improving our LMS, to anticipate and meet the developing needs of our customers.

I would also like to congratulate the other LMS products in Craig’s top 3, Growth Engineering and eLogic, both of which are outstanding solutions in their chosen markets. It is particularly pleasing to see two UK companies in the top three!”

A little reflection ahead of Craig Weiss’ annual LMS report

We’re just a few days away from eLearning guru, Craig Weiss, revealing his much-anticipated Top 50 LMS Report for 2017, and yep, there are a few nerves kicking in.

In 2016 our LMS topped Craig’s rankings for the world’s top system for the financial sector for the second year running and was fourth overall across all sectors, so we’re super excited to find out if our hard work over the past 12 months can make it an FS table topping hat-trick and see our LMS move up in the overall rankings again.

With this on our minds, it made us ponder just how eventful 2016 had been for Unicorn, and what standards we set ourselves to live up to this year. Not only were we so happy about Craig’s ranking but there were plenty of awards to celebrate too.

Unicorn at the Learning Technologies Awards Dinner

Our games arm Amuzo had their industry-leading genius recognised with gold in the Creative Digital Impact category at the Dorset Business Awards while their Playmobil Police Chase game won the 2016 TOMMI Award for Best Kids’ App!

The TOMMI is the children’s software award of Germany. Every year since 2002 the TOMMI Prize has been awarded at the Frankfurt Book Fair to the most innovative and outstanding software title developed specifically for children, showing Amuzo are appreciated far beyond these shores too. Pretty cool huh?

Amuzo win a the Dorset Business Awards

Then there was the awesome success of our partners, FSTP, who were named winners of the Most Effective Training Firm at the Compliance Register Awards.

FSTP scoop an award

FSTP work closely with us on developing all of our Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) content, and their knowledge and experience proved invaluable in the build up and throughout 2016 as many of our clients grappled with the new Senior Managers’ Regime and Certification amongst other complex mandatory topics.

We were also delighted to scoop a bronze at the eLearning Awards with Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank for the platform implementation that has introduced MyLearning, and changed the way the whole organisation approaches L&D.

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank take a Bronze at the Learning Technologies Awards

With our partners at Credit Suisse, who joined us for the evening, also taking home a silver in the Learning Technologies Team of the Year category it topped a pretty successful 2016 for us Unicorns.

The bar has been set pretty high for 2017 now, but hopefully Craig’s report will help us kick off the year as we mean to go on. Get crossing everything!

Top 10 Highs Of Unicorn’s Record Year

Unicorn smashed through the £6m sales mark for the first time ever in the last financial year (2015-16), a new record in any 12-month period and £1m up on our previous financial year best. These are our top 10 highlights of our record-breaking year (in no particular order)…

White text on a pink backdrop 'Unicorn: A year in numbers'

1 SkillsServe ranked the World’s top LMS for financial services (again)

You’ve probably heard of Craig Weiss? He’s widely considered to be the most influential person in eLearning in the world. Every year Craig produces his Global Top 50 LMSs Report and for the second year running, in January 2016, our learning and performance platform, SkillsServe, was recognised as the world’s best in our field.

dean_collage_med2 Unicorns who completed The Big Issue Foundation ‘Big London Night Walk’…

…in addition to the number of other Unicorns who did amazing stuff supported by our Fundraising Team. This included Dean, Tai, Katrina and Simon all completing multiple distance and endurance running challenges raising money for The MS Society, Macmillan Cancer Support, Macmillan Caring Locally and The Samaritans, while Sam and Xiomara pounded the capital’s streets in the wee hours in their quest for The Big Issue Foundation.

3 Million+ course activities were completed on SkillsServe

Off the shelf courses, user-generated content and eCreator courses, CPD recording, Training and Competency (T&C), on-the-go learning and Apps, you name it and SkillsServe has probably helped the financial services industry achieve it.


4 the position SkillsServe moved up to in the overall LMS global rankings

You know Craig Weiss’ LMS report we just mentioned? As well as maintaining top spot for financial services, SkillsServe also moved up a place overall from fifth in 2015 to fourth this year. In the report Craig said: “New User Interface, expansive features. I love that they have a CPD mobile app. Regulatory is strong which is a must since their target vertical is Financial Services. An overall, top tier performer.”

NSASECTOR_Logo_Col3D_CMYK(9) [Converted] [Converted]5 the number of key areas Unicorn was assessed to receive Service Excellence accreditation from the National Skills Academy for Financial Services

This means Unicorn has demonstrated its dedication to high-quality, professional customer service and commitment to consistent improvement in service and staff training. With Helpdesk now 11 strong, 4,000 more calls were dealt with last year compared to 2014. This is reflected in an SLA of over 95% between March 2015 and March 2016. Already in 2016 Helpdesk have dealt with more calls month-on-month than 2015. What does this mean? Quicker and more effective issue resolution for our clients and happy customers ☺

6 Million – the company’s sales for the first time ever

It was looking good at the end of the calendar year, when we reported sales exceeded £5.6m ($8.5m), but we are delighted to report continuing strong organic growth in our core business streams, culminating in sales crashing through the £6m for the first time.

logo_116ISO 27001 – our information security standards certified at the highest level again

We first received ISO certification in 2011, but 2015 saw Unicorn transition to the new ISO27001:2013 standard from the previous ISO27001:2005 benchmark. The new standard reflects the changing demands of IS security in the face of challenges that didn’t exist in 2005. To maintain ISO27001 certification requires monthly security audits and an annual British Standards Institution (BSI) assessment.

peterp_headshot8 where Unicorn Training CEO and founder, Peter Phillips, is ranked in the Top 10 of the UK’s most influential people in corporate eLearning

Now in its seventh year, the 2016 annual lists of the ‘Top 10’ most influential people in the corporate eLearning sector – in the World, North America, Europe, the UK and Asia-Pacific – saw Peter break into the top 10 for the first time ever as one of four debutants in the UK rankings.

9% higher knowledge retention in those trained via video games…

…according to a University of Colorado Denver Business School study (2010). This is a snippet from our 2016 White Paper ‘The Future of Game-based Learning’ (produced with our games partners, Amuzo). Games are still BIG news in learning and, in its first year, this partnership has helped clients, existing and prospective, really understand games aren’t just fun they’re effective and it’s mobile technology shaping this.

The_Future_of_Game_based_learning-_front cover_med

10 (+1) the number of our commercial, trade and professional industry partners

These relationships are invaluable in underlining Unicorn’s long-standing position as the solutions provider trusted by the financial services industry. As regulation tightens, having our partners’ expertise in helping inform the direction of the learning and supporting the development of appropriate learning tools, makes Unicorn the only credible choice. A great example is the work we’re doing with FSTP and the BBA to develop ComplianceServe in response to the FCA’s Accountability Regime for banks, building societies, credit unions and designated investment firms.

ATD 2016 Day 1

This year, we’re checking out the ATD (Association for Talent Development) 2016 International conference. Here we share a few thoughts – all the way from sunny Denver!

An image of a large blue bear statue leaning against a building

It’s Sunday and a beautiful day in Denver. The size and scale of everything here is impressive, from the stunning Rocky Mountains to the huge Denver Convention Hall complete with appropriately giant size blue bear, and from the 9000+ delegates at ATD to the coffee that comes in large, super-size, bucket and dustbin.

The event got off to an unpromising start. First session was the International Delegates welcome. Representatives from over 50 countries including large delegations from Korea, China and Japan, but the session was a waste of time, dreadful acoustics and what we could hear we already knew from the brochure and the App.

Next we were off to a “lunch and learn” panel discussion on enabling the mobile sales force. Some useful insights, particularly from the CEO of SwissVBS who have a couple of mobile Apps for learning reinforcement that I will be looking up at their stand when the expo floor opens tomorrow. The main takeaway though was how inexperienced the L&D profession is in the world of mobile learning and publishing to Apps. This is an industry that has been focused almost exclusively on delivery to the desktop via the company LMS. Faced with demand from their executives for mobile learning, L&D professionals feel a bit like rabbits in the headlights. We do not have the technical expertise (“where do we start?”) to deliver to multiple mobile platforms and are also struggling to apply traditional instructional design paradigms to the world of bite sized, JIT learning.

At Unicorn, we’ve short-cut the technical barrier through our partnership with Amuzo – who joined the Unicorn Group as recently as this month. You might like to think about this approach yourself: Is there a small, but high quality, games studio near you, who have all the expertise you lack in delivering to multiple mobile platforms, in multiple territories? The benefits are not just technical – Amuzo’s biggest client is Lego. So they create solutions that are intuitive (ask your nearest 4 year old, engaging, fun and snackable. Wouldn’t you like to be able to say that about your e-learning?

An image of a cow flying out of a car. A snapshot from an elearning game.

The next stop was to a brilliant session by Rick Lozano of Rackspace, titled “From lacking the swagger to moves like Jagger”.

The theme was engagement, and Rick lived up to that by having us singing along to “Brown Eyed Girl”, “Sweet Home Alabama”, and “You can’t always get what you want”, while filling the gaps between the songs with some great ideas, advice and stories. Here are a few key takeaways.

  • Engagement means being emotionally connected and psychologically committed.
  • For the organization, a fundamental requirement is trust (do you really need a dress code?). Do some of your policies and procedures actually stop people getting things done? I bet they do, so why not ask them which ones to drop?
  • For the individual, understand what motivates you – research shows that autonomy, mastery and purpose are more important drivers than money.
  • Creativity – make open space for creativity, e.g. 10% projects.
  • Should CEO be Chief Encouragement Officer? Creating a culture for innovation requires leadership.
  • Help people to grow. Focus on improving what individuals are already good at, help them become a master. Encourage informal peer to peer teaching.
  • What are your passions? How can you bring them to your work? Find your thing – create #PFM Pure freakin magic.

My next stop was to hear Patti Shank. Although I arrived early, the session was full, guards at the door turned me away. Dashed down to the “supercharge your learning with games session” with Barbara Greenstein but …… the guards turned me away from that one too.

Please note ATD, this is not good. Have you got too many delegates and too few speaker sessions? I’ve been to plenty of popular sessions at DevLearn but never been turned away!

Luckily, Jackie got in to Barbara Greenstein and what turned out to be a good session. She defined a game as “A physical or mental competition conducted according to rules with the participants in direct opposition to each other.”

Barbara talked about how we are all kids in adult clothing.

Good game-based learning improves teamwork, accelerates the learning process, provides a learner centred approach and gives the individual control. She then outlined her 8 steps to game design. You can check out Barbara’s recommended reading here.

Moving on, Jackie next dropped in on Josh Cavalier session on Interactive Video for E-Learning. Here are a few links from the session, including some well-known examples of interactive video learning:

Pharrell Williams Happy site

Bob Dylan video

And here’s Kahoot, a cool tool for creating interactive group games, particularly good in a classroom setting.

Meanwhile, in the final sessions of the day, I sat in on Sharon Tipton, who talked about how you don’t need to build social functionality into your LMS in order to encourage social learning. The “21st Century Tools” are already there, in everyday use by our learners. They include curation tools like Feedly, Flipboard, diigo and Pinterest.  Then there are the familiar blogging, video and podcast sites that you can use alone or together to create simple frequent content, from Blogger and WordPress to YouTube, and team sharing tools like Dropbox and Evernote.

Nothing new here, but an important message for LMS providers and administrators. Use the tools that your learners already use, and don’t think everything has to be controlled, monitored and curated. Give your learners the space to learn from each other.

Then it was off for an excellent dinner with our great friend Craig Weiss. If you are at ATD and read this blog, then make sure you look up Craig on the expo floor at Booth #631. There’s no greater expert on the LMS market and he’s open funny, irreverent and very honest too.

More from the land of the blue bear tomorrow.

News: SkillsServe Up To 4th in Top 50 LMS Report

SS_ReferenceSite_MacJust when we had calmed down from discovering our SkillsServe learning and performance platform has been ranked as the World’s top LMS for financial services for the second year running, it was confirmed SkillsServe has also gone up a place in the 2016 rankings to FOURTH overall!

As he unveiled his prestigious, annual Top 50 LMSs Report 2016 last week, leading global eLearning analyst and consultant, Craig Weiss, said of SkillsServe: “Congrats to Unicorn Training #4 LMS 4 2016 – who knew a LMS geared towards Financial Services could be so modern & robust? Wait, you just did!”

Last year SkillsServe made the top five for the first time ever, but the same dedication to evolving the platform over the past 18 months, which saw it consolidate its position as the top platform for financial services, has also kept it ahead of the pack in the overall field too.

SS_Login_2015Over the past year Unicorn has launched its SkillsServe App, introduced powerful diagnostic tools, made major improvements to the platform design, including visual reporting, brand new catalogue and content management, activity ratings and feedback, and is rolling out multiple languages.

Peter Phillips, Unicorn CEO, said: “We had hoped to see the work that has gone into maintaining SkillsServe’s position as the top LMS for financial services would be reflected in the overall findings too so we are obviously absolutely delighted to have seen SkillsServe move up another position to fourth overall.

“Learning Technologies 2016 last week reminded us just how much competition is out there, with more and more companies looking to capitalise on the rapid hand-in-hand growth of technology in education. 

“But longevity, experience and trust are things that can’t be built overnight and we will not be resting on our laurels as we look to maintain our position at the forefront of LMS innovation and development over the next 12 months and beyond.”

At over 500 pgs, with 40+ carefully considered LMS profiles, featuring exclusive details and data, annual sales and Y2Y growth, plus lots, lots more, Weiss’  Top 50 LMS Report is considered the best authoritative and independent  guide for global LMS vendors. Weiss himself was again recently voted the most influential person in the corporate eLearning sector.

News: SkillServe Is World’s Top LMS for Financial Services Again – Report

skillsServeUnicorn Training’s SkillsServe learning and performance platform has been ranked as the World’s top LMS for financial services for the second year running.

The news was revealed on Twitter today (Wednesday 27 January) by leading global eLearning analyst and consultant, Craig Weiss, ahead of the scheduled release of his prestigious, annual Top 50 LMSs Report 2016 next week (due 4 February).

SkillsServe first hit the top spot in 2015 and Unicorn’s dedication to evolving the platform over the past 18 months has seen it consolidate its position.

New SkillsServe App has enhanced the platform this year

New SkillsServe App has enhanced the platform this year

Over the past year Unicorn has launched its SkillsServe App, introduced powerful diagnostic tools, made major improvements to the platform design, including visual reporting, brand new catalogue and content management, activity ratings and feedback, and is rolling out multiple languages.

Peter Phillips, Unicorn CEO, said: “Craig was again recently voted the most influential person in the corporate eLearning sector and he has a unique in-depth knowledge of the global LMS market and products. He is fiercely independent in his judgment, which is why his Top 50 report is so highly regarded in the industry.

“We are very proud to be ranked the Number One LMS for the financial sector for the second year running. We have an exciting roadmap of developments for 2016 as we do our best to retain the coveted top FS spot for the third successive year.”

SkillsServe-Learning-Management-System1Unicorn will be celebrating the release of the report at the Learning Technologies conference and exhibition at Olympia next week (3-4 February), where they will be on Stand P14 as well as hosting a games-themed coffee shop.

As well as discovering how Unicorn excels at mapping solutions to customer challenges, using a mix of platform, off-the-shelf, custom content and games, visitors will get the chance to review and chat about Unicorn and Amuzo’s new ‘The Future of Game-based Learning’ White Paper too.

Mike Hawkyard, Amuzo MD, will also be providing his award-winning insight into building games for learning in two free talks at 12.30pm on both days as part of the exhibition’s extensive seminar programme.

Can’t wait until Learning Technologies? Download your copy of ‘The Future of Game-based Learning’ now!

For more information about Unicorn Training visit www.unicorntraining.com and to come and see us at Learning Technologies 2016 – register for free entry to the Learning Technologies and Learning and Skills 2016 exhibitions and seminars at www.learningtechnologies.co.uk 

BLOG: Summer Loving – What Were The Hot Topics at Learning Technologies Forum

Learning-Technologies-Summer-ForumAsk any three people at last month’s Learning Technologies Summer Forum what the hottest topics in eLearning were and you would probably get three different answers.

Yet there are some definite ‘buzzwords’ that get repeated out there as the ‘must haves’. Unicorn’s Head of Content Production, David Gristwood, ranks his ‘Top 3’ things people were talking about.


The use of ‘game thinking’ and ‘game mechanics’ in eLearning was unquestionably one of the hottest topics.

Whether it’s a game used in an assessment at the end of some eLearning, a mini-game through the eLearning, or a standalone game, 40% of the top 1,000 firms now claim to use games for staff learning. Reflecting this, eLearning providers have seen a 35% increase in requests for ‘gamification’ in the past year.

Abbreviations Game in progress

Abbreviations Game in progress

The beauty of gamification is that learners can learn while having fun, learn from getting it wrong, see how they compare to others, check progress and improve.

The feedback from the game can be the ‘knowledge imparting’ – the trick is simply to get the user immersed in the game from the start. But beware, there are tricks to getting it right with gamification. If you don’t, you may leave the learner wishing they just had the information on an A5 sheet!

Unicorn recently invested in casual games studio Amuzo, best known for their Lego games.

Combining their skills in designing fun games and their multi-platform technical expertise with our experience in learning design, we are already generating some remarkable learning game solutions – watch this space….

In the meantime discover the principles behind learning games through the Abbreviations Game #P2L here – Designing A Learning Game: Where Do You Start??

Video Learning

If gamification is high on the priorities for some firms, others cite one of the hottest trends in eLearning as the end of dull and daunting ‘point and click eLearning’.

This often takes months for the various teams to get together, with panels of people ‘sucking the life out the content’ before it’s published. Instead, people now realise they could quickly and cheaply listen to experts by pulling bite-size videos together, creating discussion boards and sharing links.

fightfraud_screenIt takes only a few hours for an expert to publish a video on a subject PLUS it has a higher chance of staff listening to it, and possibly even in their own time, on their own mobile.

L&D could find themselves with a growing role in collating videos and other packages for their LMS, for example, those of Lynda.com, oft quoted as the market leader for producing bite-size, expert videos. Lynda’s recent purchase by LinkedIn for a staggering $1.6bn is the most dramatic sign of the times.

This trend has important implications for LMSs too.

Recognised eLearning expert and thought leader, Craig Weiss, has been predicting the rise of video learning for some time. In fact, in naming SkillsServe as the top LMS for financial services and ranking it fifth overall in his 2015 Top 50 Global LMSs Report, Weiss identified the ability to publish video as trackable SCORM objects as a key differentiator of SkillsServe.

Adaptive Learning

The training industry and its learning platforms are behind other sectors in terms of customising and personalising user experience; many see gaining ground in this respect as a major growth area.

Take Amazon – they predict what you might like based on what they know about you. Training can operate in this way too. You could tailor training to what the user needs to know depending on their job role, competency and development needs.

cpdapp1If your LMS does not include diagnostic assessment and performance support tools, that can create personal learning paths, then you should check it is on their development roadmap or start looking around at alternatives. You can always see what’s new or on the horizon for SkillsServe at our SkillsServe blog.

It’s certainly a development we take seriously as the recent highly successful launch of the diagnostic tools in CII Broker Assess has illustrated.

Imagine a process that leads staff to study the gaps in their learning most relevant to their current role and future prospects, and equally important, relieves them from having to sit through irrelevant learning or stuff they already know and understand well?

Inevitably the chatter will keep evolving. But it was great to hear the top of people’s current ‘must have’ lists are things Unicorn are already well ahead with.

4 Hot Topics at Learning Technologies 2015

Unicorn Training was back with a bang at Learning Technologies this year.


Over the course of two days an estimated 7,000 visitors popped into Olympia to feast their eyes on the 150 free L&D seminars and 250 exhibitors. Upstairs at the conference, the likes of Professor Sugata Mitra and Professor Robert Winston had audiences in the palm of their hands as they discussed independent and group learning and the changing nature of the human brain.

But downstairs there was a real buzz at the expo as L&D delegates from across the globe descended to discover what’s new in the world of workplace learning. The exhibition always offers a great opportunity to exchange thoughts and experiences of the eLearning world, and this year was no exception including some rather innovative knowledge sharing ideas on the café walls.


Our team of Unicorns was on hand throughout to answer questions, give demos and have a good old natter about anything learning related.  


Over the course of an action packed two days, here are the four key buzzwords you’d have overheard as you walked by the Unicorn stand:



Unicorn recently proved we’re serious about serious games by joining forces with chart-topping game studio Amuzo and there was standing room only at Amuzo MD Mike Hawkyard’s seminar ‘Learning Games – You Cannot Be Serious!’ Mike revealed how businesses are unlocking game qualities such as problem solving, in-play feedback, rewards, leaderboards and, of course, fun, to bring about effective learning and changes in behaviours and culture.

Delegates were keen to hear how our partnership with Amuzo will enable us to inject game principles into even such unpromising areas as mandatory compliance training, while also taking our sector leading face-to-face business simulations online, making them more readily available in the workplace or on the move.



LT visitors were treated to the official launch of our new eCreator authoring tool. The team were on hand to give demos on how to make simple, effective and great quality learning in less time than your lunch! The eCreator is a graphically rich, user-friendly, flexible tool for the fast, simple creation, delivery and editing of learning content at the desktop and on mobile. Find out more.


There’s no denying that compliance is at the core of corporate learning. That’s why LT visitors were keen to find out more about our solution, ComplianceServe.


Throughout both days on the Unicorn stand, the team wowed delegates with first hand demos of how ComplianceServe helps ensure regulatory and compliance content is up-to-date and relevant, management information for clients is robust and easy to access and learners’ training is completed, tracked and reported. It’s no wonder ComplianceServe is the preferred choice for compliance.

Global Top 5 LMS

Just days before Learning Technologies, we were enormously proud to learn that our learning and performance platform, SkillsServe, was ranked in the World’s top five LMSs and the number one for financial services in a new report from leading global eLearning analyst and consultant Craig Weiss.


The 2015 Top 50 Global LMSs Report offers a review of 645 systems and ranks the top 50 based on various factors and analysis including on features, design, vertical reach, support/service, future thinking approach and processes.

Unicorn Training has been creating learning and development and compliance solutions for over 25 years. Unicorn’s experience, industry expertise and award-winning creativity have helped the company grow to be a market leader. In 2013 Unicorn was named ‘Outstanding Learning Organisation’ at the eLearning Awards in our 25th anniversary year while Unicorn’s Samantha Yates was the 2014 eLearning Designer of the Year.


Award-winning, BAFTA nominated Amuzo specialise in the creation of online and mobile games for some of the most exciting global brands. Amuzo games have been played well over half a billion times in the last two years alone and have reached No.1 on the App Store in 147 countries.

Be sure to visit our stand at Learning Technologies 2016 to play some of the exciting serious games we’re currently creating.

For more information about anything we’ve discussed above – and much more – drop us a line today on 0845 130 5138 or email enquiries@unicorntraining.com

And if you fancy becoming a Unicorn we’re recruiting so check out our current vacancies. Apply today and, who knows, you could be on our stand at Learning Technologies 2016!

News: Unicorn CEO Reacts To 2015 Top 50 Global LMSs Report

DSPeter Phillips, Unicorn CEO, believes leading global eLearning analyst and consultant Craig Weiss “has a great record for spotting trends” as he reacted to Unicorn’s learning and performance platform, SkillsServe, being ranked fifth overall and number one for financial services in Weiss’ 2015 Top 50 Global LMSs Report.

The annual report is viewed as the best authoritative and independent  guide for global LMS vendors.

A review of 645 systems was conducted and whittled down to the top 50 based on various factors and analysis including on features, design, vertical reach, support/service, future thinking approach and processes.

weissreportscreenshot_jan15The report, published on Saturday (24 January), saw SkillsServe move up from number eight in the 2014 Mid-Year Rankings Report to number five overall, while holding its position as the top system globally for financial services.

Weiss identified four ‘What’s Hot’ trends for 2015 in the report around Mobile, Gamification, Predicative Analysis and Integrations.

Peter admits he was delighted to see how closely those trends reflect Unicorn’s own views and 2015 development roadmap.

He said: “When it comes to mobile and native Apps, on-off sync and xAPI, SkillsServe was one of the first LMSs to provide on/off sync when we launched the CPD App in 2013. As Craig reports, this has changed from a nice to have to a must have feature, and Unicorn will be launching our exciting new SkillsServe App this spring.

cpdapp1“What Craig refers to as Predicative Analysis and Adaptive Learning is a core feature of Unicorn solutions. From the hugely successful Gap Fill tool that met the RDR needs of over 80% of the UK financial advisors in 2012, to our competence and role-based content mapping and diagnostic tools, SkillsServe excels at providing personalised learning paths to optimise learning effectiveness.”

On the subject of gamification, Peter insisted that while it was a much misused term there is no doubt adapting game principles to learning is the hottest topic of 2015.

He continued: “We believe it’s possible to make even the most unpromising compliance learning engaging, and even fun, which is why we invested recently in chart-topping game studio, Amuzo, and why our friends at Growth Engineering, the gurus of platform gamification, are a worthy number one in Craig’s rankings.

“Meanwhile we are fully in agreement with Craig’s observations around integration. Increasingly the learning management platform is seen as only part of a wider learning and HR ecosystem, and the ability for users to have seamless single sign-on, and for systems to exchange data securely and reliably has never been greater.

ecreator_screenshot“As the TinCan xAPI gathers momentum we will also see more demand for seamless data transfer between LMS and LRS, or of course, like SkillsServe, you can have your TinCan LRS integrated within the platform itself.”

SkillsServe celebrates its fifth anniversary this year, with version five of the platform being officially unveiled, alongside Unicorn’s new in-build authoring tool eCreator, at Learning Technologies over the next two days (28-29 January).

Visitors to Learning Technologies will be able to find Unicorn on Stand 95 and discover why SkillsServe is the preferred choice for compliance plus learn all about Unicorn’s innovative new in-build authoring tool, eCreator.

For more information about Unicorn Training visit www.unicorntraining.com or to find out more about Learning Technologies visit www.learningtechnologies.co.uk

News: SkillsServe Is Top 5 LMS in World Says New Report

skillsServeUnicorn Training’s SkillsServe learning and performance platform is now ranked in the World’s top five LMSs and is the number one platform for financial services.

They are the findings of a new report from leading global eLearning analyst and consultant Craig Weiss.

Weiss’ Top 50 LMSs Report 2015 is viewed as the primary guide for global LMS vendors, providing insight into system profiles, setup, implementation, upcoming features, and product reviews including pros and cons.

This year’s report, published on Saturday (24 January) sees SkillsServe move up from number eight in the 2014 Mid-Year Rankings report to number five overall, while holding its position as the top system globally for financial services.


SkillsServe celebrates its fifth anniversary this year, with version five of the platform being officially unveiled at Learning Technologies this week (28-29 January).

SkillsServe 5.0 has some major new features including a new combined catalogue and content manager, making it easier to build programmes, and a new diagnostic assessment tool so administrators can determine if a user needs to do a piece of learning or can be exempt from it.

Other enhancements include our new in-built authoring tool, eCreator, also getting its official launch at Learning Technologies, CPD upgrades including the ability to assign a different CPD scheme to each person, the addition of a new suite of default reports and Report API to enable integration with third party systems.

This year will also see improved navigation and filtering features to make the user experience even more intuitive, internationalisation with multiple languages, editing and translation tools available, and a SkillsServe App for offline access to learning, assessments, study plans etc which syncs once online again.

Visitors to Learning Technologies will be able to find Unicorn on Stand 95 and discover why SkillsServe is the preferred choice for compliance plus learn all about Unicorn’s innovative new in-build authoring tool, eCreator.

For more information about Unicorn Training visit www.unicorntraining.com or to find out more about Learning Technologies visit www.learningtechnologies.co.uk