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Ever wondered how award winning eLearning gets made?

Sponsored by Unicorn and Mind Click, ‘How award winning elearning gets made‘ is the first eLearning Network event of 2015 and will take place in the iconic BT Tower in London on 29 April.


Unicorn’s Sam Yates – who won eLearning Designer of the Year at the 2014 eLearning Awards – is just one of the presenters at the upcoming event.


Sam will be provide an insight into how she applies learning design at Unicorn and reveal the challenges and multi-award winning successes she’s had in her career.

The eLearning Network is involved with judging the prestigious eLearning Awards and many of the judges will be on hand to answer your questions and make recommendations on how you could improve the chances of your projects taking home the big prizes.

The session will also showcase a selection of previous award winners and you’ll get to hear from the people who created them. The agenda for the day includes:

  • An overview of the judging process and what it takes to win (Tony Frascina, Objective Training Design)
  • How engaging video can be produced in a quick and engaging way (Martyn Stevenson-Read, BT)
  • An overview of a 2 x gold winning eLearning project for the Royal Yachting Association (Richard Hyde, Mind Click and Jane Hall, RYA)
  • Hands on round table session to design an award winning eLearning Award submission
  • Pushing the boundaries of compliance training at Channel 4 (Owen Rose, Acteon)
  • Ensuring compliance with tough internal policies at Honda (Steve Finch, CDSM and Neil Clapham, Honda)

The event is free to eLearning Network members. If you’re not already a member you can sign up here. Places are going fast so to ensure you don’t miss out, book your place today.

How award winning eLearning gets made
Wednesday 29 April 2015 from 10am to 4pm (BST)
BT Tower, London

Is There a Recipe For eLearning Success?

What does it take to become an eLearning award winner? Unicorn‘s Senior Relationship Manager Sarah Nutley investigates.

I was invited to find out what it takes to be an award winner at the eLN event “Proven Recipes for Learning Success”. It’s fair to say that it was full of the unexpected! The E-Learning Awards are open to organisations of all sizes and industries worldwide. You can enter one or more of their categories here. They include awards for innovation, content, blended learning, LMS, compliance and outstanding organisations and individuals.

At the event we heard from the people behind the winning entries, both clients and developers. Within the session was insight into the world of health care, booksellers, the policing effort at London Olympics and Emergency Capacity Building Projects in the developing world. The scope for using eLearning will never cease to impress or astound!

Towards Maturity provided the criteria the winners were judged on:

  • 2 way business alignment: Learning supports business needs
  • Respond faster: Learning is delivered in time to support business needs
  • Transform training: Blend a wide range of learning technologies to redefine the course
  • Develop learning culture: Staff know-how to productively connect and share
  • Integrate learning & talent: Learning technologies actively support the on boarding process
  • Flexible learning: Users encouraged to use own devices for learning
  • Customer Activated Learning: Users involved in learning design
  • Simplify: L&D are using 57% more learning technologies than 5 years ago but 35% of users can’t find what they need!
  • Equip L&D as agents of change: Provide continuing professional development to learning professionals


The higher an organisation is rated across the categories the more likely they are to win. If anything the one overriding factor that was evident with all the winners was that they had the buy-in of the board or a senior stakeholder allowing them to fulfil the criteria. Their engagement was key from the start of any project. Most of the training interventions that won were part of companywide initiatives that included communication strategies to engage the audience before implementation and then gain support from managers at all levels. In most cases the projects were used to change the hearts and minds of users, and all the winners found a way to demonstrate that when eLearning is utilised it can add value to people’s day jobs.

Learning innovation, done well, delivers bottom line results!


One of the winning entries (taking 4 awards in total) was an engaging piece showing users how to implement CPR. If you haven’t tried this, do – lifesaver.org.uk (it’s downloadable for iPads.)


Lifesaver goes beyond eLearning, crossing into gamification and simulation and the learning has a memorable impact. This piece raised a significant point about supply and demand however.

While this type of learning – submersing the user straight into a situation – is impressive as it’s scenario training at its very best through crisis simulation and time pressure, is there a demand for it? The Unicorn Instructional Designers were very interested in how we can incorporate this into our work should the need arise.

 Other winners focused on ways to engage users including;

  • Developing blended programmes
  • Converting the learning to Bite sized chucks
  • Encouraging sharing of knowledge, experience and learning

65% (of users) are motivated by technology that allows them to share

  • Using different devices to deliver eLearning while users were ‘on the job’
  • Creating a self-paced learning programme

88% (of users) want to learn at their own pace

  • Providing achievement status / rewards

2/3 of learners want their learning to be recognised


What created the ‘winners’ was the fact that they implemented programmes that did the job of engaging users. The most successful ways of doing this were:

  • Through a powerful communication strategy – creating buy-in
  • Matching user preferences to delivery methods
  • Aligning the project to the business mission; showing the business and the users exactly how the intervention will deliver business results
  • Thinking about all the users, engaging the tech savvy and the technophobes, those who work online and those who work offline
  • If you can, set up a working party that includes users from all parts of the business – they can make the solution relevant companywide
  • Think of embedding learning rather than providing training, the learning technology should be the vehicle that helps deliver learning into everyday life

How many organisations take these factors into consideration at the start of a training intervention?

The stats speak for themselves:


It’s clear that eLearning can change the world – from compliance in care homes to emergency building projects to safety at global events and to training people to save lives. The medium of eLearning can be utilised to share information anywhere and at any time making it accessible and beneficial, whatever your job role. It’s also clear that there are huge benefits to companies when they successfully implement a learning intervention utilising eLearning.

How many lessons can be applied to any eLearning intervention currently being discussed at your organisation? How many senior stakeholders do you have engaged in the project? Let us know in the comments.

EVENT NEWS – Lifting The Fog Around Tin Can

tin-can-api-experience-apiThere’s still a bit of a fog around Tin Can – a.k.a. the Experience API. But Unicorn will help to try to clear that blur as we sponsor the eLearning Network’s ‘LMSs and the Tin Can API’ event at De Vere West One, London on Friday 4 April.

The Experience API (aka Tin Can) has been positioned as the best way to collect, store and analyse learning data. But why? Unicorn’s Director of IT, Stuart Jones, will be amongst experts looking to provide answers to questions including:

• What the Experience API allows you to do currently
• How the Experience API works (in plain English)
• What tools and systems are available to help you use the Experience API
• How to implement the Experience API in your organisation

Stuart said: “It’s likely Tin Can will be the way all learning systems and content speak to each other in the future. It’s a new way for these different things to be able to share learner experiences between them, enabling these to be recorded and reported.stuartJonesBlogSig-300x135

“In one respect it is a modern replacement for existing e-learning technology standards, the most popular of which is SCORM. It also goes beyond replacing basic eLearning integration opening up a range of possibilities for capturing information in ways not previously possible.

“Tin Can basically does the same as SCORM/AICC and is no more scary than either. At the event I’ll be focusing on the short-terms benefits of using Tin Can, in particular Apps, and looking into the future at how some of the benefits will open up learning.”

LMSs and the Tin Can API – what’s on the agenda:

• The vision for Tin Can in large organisations – Andy Wooler (Hitachi Data Systems).
• Introducing LearningLocker: an open source Learning Record Store and Analytics engine, from the creators of Curatr – Dave Tosh/Ben Betts (HT2) • Tin Can Today – what is possible with existing tools? – Stuart Jones (Unicorn)
• The impact of Tin Can on Learning Design – Andrew Downes (Epic)

theme529_logoStuart will demonstrate how Tin Can courses are uploaded, discuss Storyline and iSpring tools and challenges, plus highlight the benefits to learning on the move.

Get Involved!

Visit the eLearning Network website and book online here – http://www.elearningnetwork.org/events/lms-and-tin-can

eLearning Detox drive by eLN (#c4ee)

As an eLearning Network Board member, Unicorn Training’s Mark Jones is throwing his weight behind the eLN’s ‘Campaign for Effective eLearning’ to wipe out ineffective, inefficient, flabby eLearning. He explains……

“The eLN connects people and organisations, encourages collaboration and believes vehemently that elearning is about so much more than just the ‘next’ button. Our latest campaign for effective eLearning aims to help everyone create and commission better elearning content, systems and apps. We want great eLearning and we want it now!”

The new campaign was launched with a presentation by eLN chair Rob Hubbard at the recent Learning Technologies – an online version of this presentation, plus more information about how you can support the campaign, can be viewed here.

The eLN is the UK’s number one source for guidance on best practice and future trends in technology-based learning and development at work, with nearly 3,000 members.

Mark Jones is LinkedIn at http://uk.linkedin.com/in/markjonesunicorntraining

Mark joins eLN Board

Congratulations to Unicorn Training’s Mark Jones, Associate Director, Business Development, who has just been elected to the Board of the eLearning Network (eLN).

The eLN is the UK’s number one source for guidance on best practice and future trends in technology-based learning and development at work, with nearly 3,000 members. This year the network celebrates its 25th Silver Jubilee anniversary.

As an eLN board member Mark will have the opportunity to help determine the direction of the eLN through 2012, while also enabling him to achieve widespread recognition for Unicorn’s contribution to eLearning and raise Unicorn’s profile within the industry.

He said: “I’m delighted to have been elected to the eLN board. I have a real passion for supporting financial services institutions with the right professional learning, qualifications and personal development, and helping the eLearning industry recognise and respond to the challenges and opportunities new developments in technologies present to us almost on a daily basis. I don’t remember a more exciting time to be involved in eLearning.”

Rob Hubbard, chair of the eLN, said: “Mark has been actively involved in the eLN for a number of years and we’re delighted to welcome him to the Board. 2012 will be the eLN’s 25th Anniversary year and we have a number of new initiatives planned. Mark is full of enthusiasm and great ideas. We look forward to working with him in these exciting times!”

Mark is LinkedIn at http://uk.linkedin.com/in/markjonesunicorntraining